Choreography Videos

Performance Reel

Performances from:

New Order M2DT Show 2014

RAW Artist 2015, 2016

Dance to Breathe 2016, 2017

No Fear Concept Video 2017

The Sling Dance Project 2016


Near Light 2018


A large ensemble depicting unity in the face of adversity and tragedy. This piece was chosen to perform at the Austin Dance Festival, Youth Edition at the Austin Ventures Studio Theatre, Austin, TX. 

The Business of Play 2019


A modern dance illustrating how the everyday activities of adulthood make us forget the playfulness and curiosity we had as childern. This piece was chosen to perfom at the Austin Dance Festival, Youth Edition at the Austin Ventures Studio Theatre,

Austin, TX

Unseen Borders 2017

This piece was created for the Advance Choreography class at Texas State Univeristy. It was made to convey the struggles, predigest, and social injustice illegal immigrant go through just to have a change at a better life. Texas State University Dance Theatre, Senior Choreography Concert, San Marcos, TX. 

Beyond This Moment 2015

This piece was created for the Dance Project's Illuminate the Night show. This piece was created to showcase human potential.

Variations on a Human Experience 2011

The piece was created for Trial and Air, an evening of choreographer and composer collaboration for the University of North Texas, Denton, TX 



Video Dance Projects

Just Another Stroll

is a short dance film that depicts a

casual yet funky stroll in the vibrant area of South Congress. This film was selected for screening at the ATX Summer Dance Film Festival 2019.

Love is Free

is a Dance Concept video filmed in Graffiti Park Austin, TX 2017 

Silent Screams

 is the final project of a Video

Dance class. The film is meant to portray what it feels like to deal with mental illness from the inside out through dance. The ultimate purpose is to bring awareness to

mental illness and how it affects everyone in one way or another.

San Marcos 2017


No Fear

performer for a dance concept video with the

Andrea Torres Dance Company, Austin, TX 2017