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I am a Mexican immigrant who has always had the urge to move and create. My circumstances growing up were not ideal. Money was lacking. Resources and opportunities were scarce. But from these experiences grew a desire to integrate my passion for dance-making with my aim to bring awareness to social issues. 


My dances are deeply rooted in my lived experience as a woman, immigrant, and mother. Through my dances, I employ dance-making as storytelling as a type of activism. My interest is in getting my message across clearly and effectively through any means, whether through movement, text, film, or song. As a multidisciplinary dance artist, my work aims to shed light on social issues, examine the complexities of being human, validate those that are unseen, and bring new perspectives to those that may not understand. 


I believe that through the art of dance, one can create stories that can reach audiences from all backgrounds. Through my exploration of dance-making as storytelling, I have found that the more we tell each other’s stories, the more we can relate and empathize with each other, and the harder it is to hate. 

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