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Teaching Statement 


As a dance educator, I cultivate an environment where students are at the forefront of the learning experience by meeting their needs and valuing them as individuals. This creates a space where students can achieve their potential. I am not interested in the perfect dancer but in the personal growth of each student as a dancer, artist, and human. I encourage curiosity and exploration of varying dance forms so that students can ultimately create their own aesthetic dance preferences and qualities, and take ownership of their learning. I believe that we are all life-long students, and because of this, the learning process is never over. My philosophy around teaching practices will continue to evolve as I continue to grow, learn, and reconsider my own ideas.


Latin Pop with Rebeca

Class Description: Latin Pop is a fun, energetic fusion dance form for everyone! Sure to get you pumped and sweaty, this class combines Latin social dances such as salsa, cumbia, samba, and cha-cha (think of it as a sampler) with basic jazz dance steps to create a hybrid form. We’ll start the class in a circle to get to know each other and build community, integral to social dances! We’ll learn about where these dances come from and the historical context throughout the class. We’ll then break down basic Jazz and Latin social dance steps and rhythms and combine them to create a dance. Participants are encouraged to take the steps and make them their own. This class is for all ages and levels. No experience is necessary, and anything can be modified to fit the needs of the participants. 

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